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Michael A. Kelczewski

A Delaware native, bringing an empiric strategy to Real Estate within Northern Delaware and the Philadelphia region. A realtor with Brandywine Fine Properties Sotheby's International Realty Serving Northern Delaware and the Philadelphia Region. Contact Michael A. Kelczewski today and start house shopping!


Articulating the nuances of a real estate transaction is imperative. Many disciplines are coordinated throughout a transaction, from inspections to financing. Assuring that the client fully understands the complexities is the practice of a Realtor. Michael is here to guide you at every step along the way to fruition.

Open Houses

Assuring that a property’s condition is correctly evaluated is more than just recommending an inspection company. Michael provides confidence to his clients through his network of contacts within the construction and engineering fields.


Michael takes the responsibility of marketing a property seriously. He protects his clients’ interest during a property purchase. Keeping personal data encrypted, Michael exemplifies the hallmarks of quality service.


'Time is of the essence,' a true description of the real estate world. Homes of superior quality are known to sell quickly. Michael is always an email away to resolve any midnight crisis or to isolate a quality property before it’s acquired.